Backup Your Phone With Titanium

Backup Your Phone With Titanium

Hello Andriod Users!


Have you ever moved to a new phone, and spend hours trying to reinstalling apps and changing settings?

Well now you don’t have to!

There’s an app called Titanium Backup that backs up all your settings, apps, sms/text messages, etc.

This works for moving to a new phone, or just going back if you made a mistake.

Titanium Backup requires root privileges, so you will need to root your phone. Don’t worry, though! I made this post, featuring the one-click root/un-root app: Kingo Root


Method 1 | Make Backup From Computer

Note: you must have adb installed before you can run the commands.

Plug in the phone, then check if adb is recognizing it:

adb devices


After that run this command to get a backup from your phone:

adb backup -f FullBackup.ab -apk -all


This will create a “package” called “FullBackup.ab” on the current location in your command prompt. This is your backup package. Go ahead and copy it to your phone.

Then in Titanium, hit the menu button and look for “Extract from ADB backup” option. A file dialog will open, and then you can select the backup file from the previous step.

Now you can restore the backup.



Method 2 | Make Backup From Phone

  1. Open Titanium.
  2. Click the Backup/Restore tab
  3. Click Menu (the button), Batch
  4. Click “Backup all user apps”
  5. Let it run, then go back
  6. Individually backup the system data you want. That is most green-colored items. This will be bookmarks, call log, calendar, launcher, WiFi, etc.
  7. Now your backups are in the “Titanium Backup” directory on your SD card.
  8. When you want to use the backup, then restore as normal.


Titanium Backup is very useful when moving to a new phone or if you made a mistake and want to revert back. You could also revert back to a backup, if you ever get a virus on your phone.

Titanium Backup is a very helppful program!



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